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Monday, March 15, 2010

Wiccan Studies

I found the class to be a good basic introduction to Wiccan.  It is in accordance with my Wiccan belief in the fact that it teaches that its not what tools we use or which herbs we mix as much as what eminates from our hearts and minds.In such that when the heart and mind are in line in the correct manner we can create.We become active creators in the world around us. This carries a responsiblity to act in accordance to higher good .To act any other way and from any other motive would be a irresponsible and immature misuse of the knowledge of Wicca and a disservice to the world in which we are so intimately connected,especially when we practice magik!

Mostly I think that the part about proper behavior and manners at a meeting was good that was somewhat common sense but good to read as I am a solitary and never have meet with a coven.

As for the mood in Lord Skywalker's teachings and writings I must be honest and say in the very beginning the it was a bit uncomfortable for me the way he handled everything so lightly.  Meaning the jokes and such. but then as the course went on I found that he did have a serious side and wrote seriously when the subjects required a more sober approach.  It was then that I realized that the light-hearted joking was his way of trying to give his teachings a natural flow and not let them become to overwhelming.Perhaps it was his way of saying that magik although serious business also has a light side.

Some Witches are born and some are taught or made.  Lord Skywalker's class in
a good introductory class for those who are taught or made.It is a good place for them to start to test there wings so to speak .For those of us who are born its a pleasant walk through of our most basic beliefs.  It covers them and gives the student a good picture of what it means to be
Wiccan and gives them a fair amount of working knowledge in fact enough that  it even encourages the to  step out on there own and practice. If they work with in the teachings that he shares they should be effective and relatively safe.I think it is good that he requires them to not only research other existing spell that have been used and are time tested but that he also impresses the importance of being able to write there own spell.

A person who truly practices the Craft live in the craft from the moment they open there eyes in the morning all day, in every life experience even so far as when they sleep at night in there dreams and astral travels and so one must be ready to respond to all of the challenges of living in a proper mind set.  I think the course give a good basic idea of what this mindset should be and does teach that you may not always have your tools at hand and one should learn to be able to call those powers from with in and to improves using whatever is available and at hand and sometimes there's nothing but a spur of the moment written and pronounced invocation. The words need not always rhyme but so much the better if they do.  In closing I would like to mention the last class.  I am one of those people he refers to that uses the that one with the four angels I am glad he chose to share that one as it has a special place in my heart. Many people today argue that a Wiccan can not be Christian and a Christian can not be Wiccan .I am one of the ones who blends them and it makes perfect sense to me .If Christians say Jesus is our example and we should be like him then those Christians would behave as Wiccans.  I see many occasions where Jesus appeared to be Wiccan.  Wiccans profess that what Deity a person works with is a personal matter.So why they do those same Wiccans turn away from Jesus .Ive heard the excuse about the Burning times and what the Church did .But let me make it perfectly clear.  I'm not talking about the church or organized religion.  I'm talking about Jesus.and he said when he returns there will be many who claimed his name and did things with it and he will tell them,"I never knew you" So whos to say whos right and wrong. Who's to say Jesus wasn't really Wiccan.

          Pastor Diane L. Watkins


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