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This blog is a collection of essays and lesson comments from several of the Universal Life Church courses on Metaphysics. We have a Spirit Quest Course and one on A Course In Miracles.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week one meditation - Universal Life Church

Wow, what an amazing meditation. I did the exercise on Sunday last week and was very relaxed by the end of the meditation. I created such a wonderful peaceful space that I'm staying open for my guide to make a physical appearance. I was able to hear my name, hear string music, smell the grass and moss, and feel there was someone waiting for me on the other side of the garden gate. All will be revealed.
The week was a challenge in some respects.  I had a client scheduled for Wednesday and that morning I specifically asked all seen and unseen guides, angles, God, and universal energies, that if this client had an attachment to her that the appointment fall apart. To my benefit, the appointment fell apart and she rescheduled. I was aware that she had negative energy attached to her and having asked for a few more days to prepare myself and my space for her to be safe within was what we both needed. She came for her session Friday and she's in a very difficult life pattern right now; lots of negative energy and negative thought forms. We worked together on addressing the things she could control like what words she spoke. We worked on making her words positive words to bring more peace into her space.
I was grateful for the challenges that followed her session in that I had to address the energy she left in my office. With all the intentions and prayers I put in place prior to her visit, some of the negativity lingered. I smudged, lit white candles, prayed, played inspiring music, and reclaimed my office as a place of harmony. Took some work but today the energy is balanced. I'm appreciating more each day how we are all connected and having that 'awareness' of my client's energy situation prior to her appointment allowed me the opportunity to change my approach.
Also last week I was put in a position to spend time with my grown stepson without his father being present. He and I don't get along most of the time especially when he's living under my roof. My husband and I were meeting him for dinner and my husband was ill. I ended up having to spend the evening with my stepson while my husband was sitting in the car trying to pull it together. The good news here is we had time to really see each other from our different perspectives. We talked about what had been blocking us and now we are on a better level of communication. It's a shame my husband had to flu but it was a wake up call for his son and I get our relationship issues on the table.
I can't wait for more validation to come my way. Each day I do a gratitude salute to all.....Today I am happy, healthy, hopeful, and healed. It's a wonderful way to begin my day and set the intention that my clients will get my best energy when they sit with me.
With many thanks and gratitude,
Lee Ann

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lesson #3 assignment and a question

1.      One of the questions that was posed in the lesson was to look
at your decisions and actions and see what is your motivation in those
decisions.  For this week, especially but even the past few weeks its
been deliberately disassociating myself from people that are a drain on
me or harmful to my spirit in someway, I even had to go to court with
one of the people and will probably need to go to court to deal with
another person.

    I have been intentionally looking at different ways to meet and
connect with new people to get new people, energy and ideas flowing. 

    I also enjoyed being home and not rushing around so much since I
have the break between semesters.

2.  The assignment for this lesson was considering every day events. 
When it comes to traffic, I detest traffic and being confined within a
lot of cars primarily because people are distracted and poor and rude
drivers.  Additionally, I still suffer the health effects of having a
distracted driver run into me many years ago.  I try to set up my
schedule as much as possible to not be in the am or pm rush hours.  If
its evening rush hour already if I can I catch a happy hour meal at a
restaurant to pass the time.

    It pointed out to look at if you are getting angry at something to
remember the world is a dream and you can direct that dream.  I tried
to implement and it seems sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. 
Specifically, this past monday when I needed to go to court I was
envision an easy commute and to find a parking space directly in front
and not further away in the garage.  t worked out that it was an easy
commute but no up front space. So I know I normally try to picture my
day things like meeting someone nice and having a nice exchange of
words, finding money, finding a close parking space, making a stranger
smile by smiling at them (you know how bad the East coast isRev. Amy :
)  )

      Again, I notice that it is hit or miss and every day is not like
how I attempt to picture it or frame it.      WHAT CAN I DO BETTER HERE
Thank you again!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Lesson #2 - Dr. of Metaphysics Program

Hello Rev. Amy;

I did not see any exercises in lesson #2 but have the following feedback:

1.  The over inflated ego made me think of the people they feature on American Greed which is no CNBC since the finance stuff is my area of interest.  They all got caught by continuing their scam to long and living so extravagantly and thinking hey were too smart to get caught.

There was one man who ran Health South corporation and he had his accounting team create false numbers to thereby trade higher on the NYSE and allow them to gain more loans.  Amazing he and the other 4 accountants were arrested  they all got sentenced to jail and lost all their assets and had to make restitution but the main guy behind that escaped any charges or imprisonment.  Yet, about 7 months later he did something dumb and totally unrelated to the original matter and got sentenced to 7 years in jail. ;0

2.  Have you helped any of the so called  "rich and famous" work through these ego issues?

3.  If you want to work with higher profile people, how do you go about that?

4.  It does seem that some of the most successful and good people like how Steve Jobs was, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet gave and give a lot to life and were always wired that way and seem to not be involved in any of the typical over indulgences that someone like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were susceptible too.  I have difficulty understand when someone has enough money to pay for proper help they are still using drugs to cope with their problems.  If you are not really happy or cant cope with the precious of fame you don't have to keep being in the spotlight  there are ways to lower the stress and pressure and take on mentoring, producing, writing  and so forth other things so you can transition away from the high stress, of course properly managing your money and being willing to scale back in some ways would need to be put in place if its not already happening. 

5.  Is there anything else I should be thinking about from this lesson?

Thank you Rev. Amy and have a prosperous week!

Rev. Paris 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


In doing research on Past Life Regression there are several benefits that can help you on your path in this life time. Some of those benefits are:
a.            Learning the answers to the big questions: Why are we here? What's it all for? What is the meaning of life? Past life regression attempts to help you answer these questions by walking your through it step by step.
b.            Connect with your soul mate: We generally travel with the same soul groups throughout various incarnations.  People we meet who we feel like we have know forever. Past life regressions can take you back to the connections with these souls.
c.            Uncover amazing things you didn't even know you knew: Memories of jobs, skills, you had in past lives' you can recall and learn how to do them in this life time.
d.            See dead people: past life regressions take you into the past, people that you interacted with in your different life times.
e.            It helps you to be able to resolve some of the unexplained habits and quirks in this lifetime.
f.            Regression therapy is a short term therapy and tends to be more concentrated than other therapies.
g.            It releases crippling emotional, mental and physical blockages.
h.            The best part is Regression therapy is holistic. No drugs needed.
As in all things there are also bad or negative aspects of regression therapy in my research I not found as many negatives as I did positives.  A few include:
a.            When clients are taken back to another life time, sometimes a new personality may appear that does not want to leave.
b.            An inexperienced therapist my easily put suggestions into a clients head that may really confuse or upset the client.
c.            Some clients may feel they are going crazy or making things up, which can lead to fear.
I feel the main part is to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with, has a very good reputation. Remember you can stop the session yourself at any time. The client is in complete control.

Master of Astral Projection homework by Judith Wolf

Master of Astral Projection
Rev. Judith Wolf Ph.D.
My name is Judy Wolf. I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and a Reiki Master. Professionally I am founder and President/CEO of Young Arts Arizona Ltd, a non-profit which exhibits the artwork of children at risk.
I have been interested in the spiritual for 30 years beginning in 1980 when I began studying Reiki. Since then I have read much, practiced yoga and waited for spiritual experiences to present themselves. I found out about the Seminary at ULC about 7 years ago and have been talking courses for about 3 or 4 years, working toward a Doctorate of Ministry.
Although I have been dabbling with astral projection for many years I have never experienced it. I once met someone who promised to take me with him. He said later that he had picked me up and that we had had a grand trip. I remember none of it. Interestingly after the supposed trip he totally avoided me. I had to hunt him down to find out what happened. He only said that we did go on a trip together. I have been curious about it ever since.
Although I relish the idea of astral projection, I am fearful because I fear I will not want to return. This has probably been what has stood in my way all along. However, I am open to whatever this course can offer whether it be trips or more clarity of self.

Monnie's responses to Lesson 12

The lesson/assignment for this week was to spend at least 2 fifteen minutes sessions repeating "God is but Love and therefore so am I."  We were also to remember and repeat this whenever we felt our self-esteem was flagging.

I found this to be a very difficult homework assignment. I do not doubt that my self-esteem needs to straighten up.  By this I mean there are days when I do not feel good about myself.  There are other days when it seems I have an inflated sense of self-worth.  Both of these conditions are undoubtedly the work of the ego.  I believe when we are secure in who we are there is no need for self-deprecation or for self-inflation.  When we are secure in "remembering" who we are there is just truth and connectedness.  There is no less than or better than there is only "I AM".  So my ego and I wrestled. Also I do not necessarily believe the same way that our instructor believes.  I do not think "the Course In Miracles" has a corner on the market to God or the Truth.  I see the Course as interesting and as one way to remembering who I AM, however, I do not see it as the only way nor do I embrace it as my way. I found the wording of the mantra we were to say difficult for me.  I changed it a little and that made it easier for me to "settle into the mantra."  After changing the wording to "God is Love therefore I am." I was able to more easily do the assignment and after several days I finally found saying the mantra comforting and helpful. It is likely I will continue to say this mantra when I am feeling off center.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Final essay, The Miracle of Prayer

The Miracle of Prayer
Final Essay
     Rev. Loretta Siani presented a super excellent course on The Miracle of Prayer.  All areas of prayer were covered, offering me hope and reflections on the possibilities of prayer .  The prayers given in each lesson were inspirational and in accordance with The Course In Miracles teachings.  The final lesson that Rev. Siani wrote was outstanding, giving insights to what she has experienced thru her praying and opening up to God's will.  Rev. Siani showed how to do God's work and choosing the will of God over our ego's desires.
     If I had to pick a favorite lesson, which is difficult since I total enjoyed them all, the lesson on the Holy Spirit stands out.  The mystery of the Holy Spirit and how this Spirit fits into the Trinity was enlightening,  symbolizing the purification of our hearts and putting a burning desire to work for God's will on this earth.  The Holy Spirit gives us inspiration and the inner peace we seek within the illusion of ourselves.  I have always been a 'fan' of the Holy Spirit and with the knowledge offered I see why this recognition is helpful in our daily lives.
     This has been a life changing class for me.  I refer and reflect back to each lesson frequently, dealing with the Healing of Relationships, Healing Loss, Healing Fears, etc., all good references for helping others within a ministry.  I so highly recommend this class, The Miracle of Prayer, to everyone.  Searching for the One Truth can only be found through prayer and trust in The ALL.  As our paths cross in this world we all look for our own truths, now we can look at the Truth through our illusions of what we think is true.
Thank you, Rev. Loretta Siani, you are the light.
Rev. Constance J. Hitts

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr. Spirituality Lesson 19

 Here are my responses to Lesson #19 Dr. of Spirituality:
Our assignment this week is to pick 3 principles taught in the Course in Miracles and write whether we aree or disagree with them:
1.  Under the section titled "Love"  the assertion is made that "fear does not really exist except in the imagination."  It may be true that fear is a product of our thinking.  It is a difficult concept to embrace however.  If someone is innocently walking to the school bus and is kidnapped, tortured and killed is the Course saying that the fear in that 6 year old child  is an illusion and that what has happed to him is love?  How can a child who is innocent create this situation?  It is likely a child has no concept of evil things happening to him and therefore could not project from his ego this scenario or its outcome.  So the question is this, is it the ego of the child who produced this or the ego of the person who committed the acts?  Do they somehow combine as one?  On some level did they agree to this event ie did they need this to move forward to remembering they are one with God and that God is Love?

2.  If fear comes from the imagination and the Course teaches that this world and everything in it comes from fear then what are we saying  here?  Are we saying that God is the Creator who is Love and as the Creator made us out of fear?  I cannot wrap my mind around that concept.  We are told we are made in God's image and that we are his sons and daughters.  So if we are imaginary what is real?  I realize we are more than our bodies,  however, we appear to need our bodies to come into balance and healing on the Earth plane.  I agree our egos are fear based and that we do, through our egos see False Evidence Appearing Real.  Through fear Love is masked and erroneous actions are taken.  I agree that our egos sole purpose is to promote itself as our master rather than to allow Oneness with God and knowing the Truth.

3. "God gave us the Holy Spirit as a means of communicating with Him..." turning to him in prayer is our means of acknowledging that of ourselves "we are nothing".  If we are made in God's image and are One with God, why is an intercessor needed?  How can we be One with our Creator and nothing?  Is God nothing? If there is only Love then what difference does anything we do make?  If we are nothing and just an illusion, how can it matter what we do or fail to do?  What difference does it make to God how we pray if He created us and knows us and knows our needs then He understand any limitations we may have and presumably will arrange His response to our prayers according to our real needs just as an earthly father would do if his child asked for something that was not healthy for the child.

I think the overall sentiment of what I understand related to The Course in Miracles is a happy one.  I do not believe it is the only way home and I do not believe it is the way for everyone to re-connect with The Creator.  Monnie
Monnie WWTD

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lesson 1

As I visualized my fear I felt tense.  I felt alone and separate.  As I paid attention to my breath I felt calm and connected to everything and everyone around me.  It was like we were all One and there was no separation- just peace and light.  In that peace and light there was no F (false) E (evidence) A (appearing) R (real).  It was a sense of complete deep connection with the Truth. Monnie
Monnie WWTD