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Monday, March 01, 2010

Master of Religion

Master of Religion was an interesting course. I believe I learned a great deal about the history of our Bible and its authors, as well as other denominational religions.
I really enjoyed reading more about the Old Testament. I learned that it is the oldest and most original part of the Bible. It teaches of The Ten Commandments, which are the "house rules" for mankind. There is only a slight difference among other religions in the wording and order of the Commandments, but they are all the same in importance in each differing denomination. I do believe, personally, that we should try our best to live our lives following the "rules" of God. I also liked reading about how the Bible reflects God's Word in the first lesson. It shows us everything God stated has come true. All the stories and prophecies in the Old Testament are true about any situation that was recorded. Take "Noah and the Ark" for example; God spoke to Noah and told him to prepare for a massive flood which would come and destroy everything. Noah told everyone about the flood and no one believed him. There has been a great deal of historic and scientific proof of a great flood as well as proof of many other prophecies in the Old Testament. This only solidifies my belief in the Almighty.
I also found history of The New Testament quite astonishing. For me, it's much easier to read and understand than The Old Testament. It seems The New Testament is actually taught more in Christian Churches today than The Old Testament is. It was educational to read more about the authors of The New Testament and what roles they played in Christian History. I'm impressed at how many of the books Paul wrote. The other Apostles played a major role in the creation of The New Testament; however, Paul seems to have written the majority, in turn giving us the most information.
I am so thankful for fact that God will forgive us of our sins and that He was so very loving to have given His only Son so that we may live. We need only ask Him to forgive us and repent all wrong doing. I greatly enjoyed this course of Master of Religion program. I do believe that this is a great start to becoming a better Christian leader to others.

Rev. Chris Richard


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