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Monday, March 01, 2010

Religious Philosophy

Master of Religious Philosophy, Lesson 15 - Religious Functionality -
Religious Nature
Rev. Andrew Manley

Q.) 1)      What is your perspective on this "great problem"?  How do
you view your relationship with Reality?  Are you entirely material,
entirely spiritual, a mixture of the two, or a spiritual being trapped
in a material prison?

A.)  My perspective on this "great problem" is along the lines of John
O'Riordain who comments that
"For the Christian, even more than for the pre-Christian Celt, there
is no impassable boundary
between the material world and the spirit world. They overlap. It is
simply that one is visible and
the other normally invisible.....Love of nature and harmony with the
environment are strong
elements in the Celtic tradition emanating from this sense of the
unity and connectedness of all
things. At times the Christian Celts have been accused of
pantheism...This line of argument fails
to appreciate the refinement of Celtic thought and theology. For the
Celts, God was certainly in
all things but not identified or interchangeable with all things."

Also, Ian Bradley agrees with Mr. O'Riordain that:
"There was nothing remotely unorthodox about the Celts' sense of God's
presence in their lives
and in the world about them. It sprang from a real understanding of
the central Christian
doctrine of the Incarnation with its revelation of Immanuel, the God
who is with us, and from a
burning faith in the real presence of Jesus not just in the
consecrated elements of the communion
service but throughout his creation."

When I think about my relationship with reality my view is simple,
Life is short, life is around and in everything, and that the motto of
America "in God we trust" should not be taken for granted, but mostly
that as it has been said many times in our history life for me is
"God, Country, Family. Looking at reality in this manor helps me to
stay grounded and focused on things around me and the perspective
involved to understand what is going on around me. At times because of
the times we live in, I find myself a mix of spiritual and material, I
believe that God gave mankind the gift of intelligence and creativity.
As Christ and the Apostles used what technology was available to them
to spread the message of the gospels, I find myself using modern forms
of communication to carry Gods word to others and I find nothing
personally or biblically wrong in doing so.

Q.) 2)      How do you think that your view of your relationship with
Reality impacts the way that you approach spirituality?  Does it make
you more submissive, studious, prayerful, resigned, contemplative?

A. ) I would have to say it would be different for each individual
because of life experiences, for me it would be three of these.
Contemplative, Prayerful, and Studious would most best describe my
outlook on the reality by these choices as for how I look at the world
around me.

Q. )3)      Finally, how do you think that your view of your
relationship with Reality impacts the way that you live your life?
Does it make you more moral, immoral, ethical, unethical, logical,
independent, determined?  Does it impact your views on medicine,
charity, politics, employment, vegetarianism, taking risks?

A. ) Moral, Ethical, Logical, Independent and Determined. Different
circumstances require different tactic's in perspective to the impact
a situation impacts what I perceive and what I do to change the
environment around me. It does not matter if it is a small issue or
one that could in effect change the course of mankind. Because, isn't
it that very thing that we do in our lives with regards to spreading
the word of God around the world. We are supposed to make a difference
in our world and grow from our experiences we live.

Rev.Fr.Andrew Manley


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