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Monday, March 08, 2010

Four Gospels

Final Essay Rev. Anna M. Pohl

We were asked to write our final essay for this course on one subject that either stumped or really affected us. One, really? Wow! There is no shortage of topics that impress, stop and surprise you in the Gospels. It is no easy task to say "this one is the one that hit me."

For instance there is the idea of "Blaspheme against the Father and you will be forgiven, Blaspheme against the Son and you will be forgiven, Blaspheme against the Spirit and you will not be forgiven." This is so poignant for us here at the seminary and so true. You cannot escape your true self, what you really are in God.

Then take the profoundness of our being one in God. The fact that Love is what we are and reverence is how we express our authentic selves, this being made clear over and over again through out the Four.

It could be the herbology of using mud to cure the sightless, with it's obvious example of how we as humans so often need a physical show of greatness. Or perhaps the real way that Jesus shares our humanity though his proverbial shaking of his head at the stubborn blindness of his own students.

I find it almost impossible to keep my mind to only one subject. Yet I suppose there are two things lately that still remain mainstays as I mull over the course. The first is my now even more firm belief that if we are truly honest with ourselves we would have to admit that we can not be a total devout follower of the Old Testament and then swear by the teachings of the New. However, we were not asked to make this comparison here and so I will go with my second choice. My essay follows.

Jesus said on divorce; Mathew Chapter 19 page 41 in our book

"Moses in view of the hardness of your hearts allowed you to divorce your wives but it wasn't like that in the beginning. I tell you that whoever divorces his wife for anything but whoring and marries another is living in adultery."

Mark Chapter 10 page 93 adds a bit here and there but it's basically the same throughout out the Gospels.

This is a particularly thought provoking point and one that Christians and Non Christians alike might benefit from considering.

So what is this "hardness of heart that Jesus refers to. What is it that made it impossible for our predecessors to connect to one another much less to one person as a spouse? Why was there a permission given for divorce and what is the difference Jesus is pointing out?

I think the issue is two fold; however it is over all a case and issue of knowledge. The first point however is what has been referred to as the five sensory human. And the second point is that these unions/marriages were not of the Spirit or God to begin with.

The first part of this "Because of the hardness of your hearts" isn't just referring to a person who is difficult. Jesus isn't just saying you are a hard heated person. He is referring to what we call the five sensory human. I obviously did not coin the phrase. This refers to a person or persons who live by their physical senses, their personality and base instincts. This is a person whose experiences and physical life define who they are. This person is not aware that they are living a limited existence, often completely devoid of the Spirit. Yes a person like this may have a sense, as it were, that there is more on some level, but they are not aware fully authentic beings living from the soul. In this case the limitations cause anger, bitterness, competition and arrogance and result in intolerance, cruelty and brutality that cause an overall "Strongest Survive" mentality.

This is a human animal existence and so it is also a human animal union or marriage. These people do not marry out of knowledge that they are sentient, spirit filled individuals coming together and connected by God's Love. They marry for hundreds of other reasons but it can be most defiantly argued that this is not what Jesus meant by a Godly or God made union. It is wholly man made, man chosen and man executed. It is a physical world agreement even at it's best.

And so in a world created in cruelty and lived out in fear no wonder divorce became common. Sounds a lot like today doesn't it?

This leads to the second part of the issue. If this is not a Godly union what is?

In order for a union a marriage to be that union "what God has put together let no one put asunder" THAT union, it must in the first place be Of God. But what does that mean? How? Why is it different, apart from the former?

First and foremost there are two people who are developed, for whatever reason, to a state of spiritual knowledge. They are living from a soul awareness, sacredness. They know they are of the Spirit and because of this God somehow considers them as ready. This may be because of their experience or the self work they've done, a tragedy or other happening that changes them and in rare cases they are born to it.

In any case these people understand, they are aware, that this coming together is a far different relationship from the first. This is not a Love at first sight, addicted to your energy, romantic fantasy. This is unique. This is quite literally God putting two souls in the same place at the same time for purpose. When these two people are together the world stops and watches, the energy lightens and prayers are answered. This happens not because the two individuals are so great or so beautiful but because the Love they are, they become, IS. They are the manifestation of balance, appreciation and reverence with God. As it is in Heaven so should it be on Earth.

This may sound strange to some, however I know it. I've seen it. It is truth. This is a true marriage. This is a Godly union of souls manifested through the two humans. "The three strand cord". This can not be taken lightly. What God has created, indeed.

Now think of what Jesus said. Our hearts were hard. Our hearts are hard. As one who has been divorced I relate to this.

So, what is the real point here? It's a point of knowledge. When we don't or can't know who and what we are we hurt each other. We separate ourselves from each other and we are not one with each other. We live by our gut but not the Spirit. But when we know that we are the cells of Gods body, when we realize we are souls and we have the epiphany that those souls can, will and do literally come together and make one soul, well that is another matter. This is why Jesus made such a point. This is why it is the only Old Testament Commandment he addresses directly with his students and why his New Commandments are what they are.

Let's not forget what it says about how Jesus Loved. "…He Loved them to Perfection"

Because whether in a marriage union or a union of souls it is all for the glory of the One.

I have enjoyed this course enormously. God Bless you for the seminary and for you Amy. You have given us great work.


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