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This blog is a collection of essays and lesson comments from several of the Universal Life Church courses on Metaphysics. We have a Spirit Quest Course and one on A Course In Miracles.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lesson #3 assignment and a question

1.      One of the questions that was posed in the lesson was to look
at your decisions and actions and see what is your motivation in those
decisions.  For this week, especially but even the past few weeks its
been deliberately disassociating myself from people that are a drain on
me or harmful to my spirit in someway, I even had to go to court with
one of the people and will probably need to go to court to deal with
another person.

    I have been intentionally looking at different ways to meet and
connect with new people to get new people, energy and ideas flowing. 

    I also enjoyed being home and not rushing around so much since I
have the break between semesters.

2.  The assignment for this lesson was considering every day events. 
When it comes to traffic, I detest traffic and being confined within a
lot of cars primarily because people are distracted and poor and rude
drivers.  Additionally, I still suffer the health effects of having a
distracted driver run into me many years ago.  I try to set up my
schedule as much as possible to not be in the am or pm rush hours.  If
its evening rush hour already if I can I catch a happy hour meal at a
restaurant to pass the time.

    It pointed out to look at if you are getting angry at something to
remember the world is a dream and you can direct that dream.  I tried
to implement and it seems sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. 
Specifically, this past monday when I needed to go to court I was
envision an easy commute and to find a parking space directly in front
and not further away in the garage.  t worked out that it was an easy
commute but no up front space. So I know I normally try to picture my
day things like meeting someone nice and having a nice exchange of
words, finding money, finding a close parking space, making a stranger
smile by smiling at them (you know how bad the East coast isRev. Amy :
)  )

      Again, I notice that it is hit or miss and every day is not like
how I attempt to picture it or frame it.      WHAT CAN I DO BETTER HERE
Thank you again!


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