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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week one meditation - Universal Life Church

Wow, what an amazing meditation. I did the exercise on Sunday last week and was very relaxed by the end of the meditation. I created such a wonderful peaceful space that I'm staying open for my guide to make a physical appearance. I was able to hear my name, hear string music, smell the grass and moss, and feel there was someone waiting for me on the other side of the garden gate. All will be revealed.
The week was a challenge in some respects.  I had a client scheduled for Wednesday and that morning I specifically asked all seen and unseen guides, angles, God, and universal energies, that if this client had an attachment to her that the appointment fall apart. To my benefit, the appointment fell apart and she rescheduled. I was aware that she had negative energy attached to her and having asked for a few more days to prepare myself and my space for her to be safe within was what we both needed. She came for her session Friday and she's in a very difficult life pattern right now; lots of negative energy and negative thought forms. We worked together on addressing the things she could control like what words she spoke. We worked on making her words positive words to bring more peace into her space.
I was grateful for the challenges that followed her session in that I had to address the energy she left in my office. With all the intentions and prayers I put in place prior to her visit, some of the negativity lingered. I smudged, lit white candles, prayed, played inspiring music, and reclaimed my office as a place of harmony. Took some work but today the energy is balanced. I'm appreciating more each day how we are all connected and having that 'awareness' of my client's energy situation prior to her appointment allowed me the opportunity to change my approach.
Also last week I was put in a position to spend time with my grown stepson without his father being present. He and I don't get along most of the time especially when he's living under my roof. My husband and I were meeting him for dinner and my husband was ill. I ended up having to spend the evening with my stepson while my husband was sitting in the car trying to pull it together. The good news here is we had time to really see each other from our different perspectives. We talked about what had been blocking us and now we are on a better level of communication. It's a shame my husband had to flu but it was a wake up call for his son and I get our relationship issues on the table.
I can't wait for more validation to come my way. Each day I do a gratitude salute to all.....Today I am happy, healthy, hopeful, and healed. It's a wonderful way to begin my day and set the intention that my clients will get my best energy when they sit with me.
With many thanks and gratitude,
Lee Ann

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