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Monday, March 01, 2010

Spiritual Development

Final Essay
Judith G. Wolf, Ph.D.

This is a dynamic course, one which should absolutely not be missed. As stated first and foremost by the author, the purpose of this course is to actualize our spiritual potential. He then proceeds to help us with this Quest; to meet and know the divine within and without. I love the metaphor of dialing in our spiritual radios to clearer stations or shining a cleaner light to achieve Mindful Living with focus on the Quest.

It stands to reason that if energy follows thought, we need to live mindfully with purpose and with focus to make any sort of progress. Clearer Light or clearer stations translate to FOCUS; that is, Mindful Living with a Focus on the Quest. The end of the Quest is the knowledge that in our core nature we are divine. According to the author we have forgotten that are divine. This course clears the way to remembrance.

There are so many positives, so many truths and exercises to reach these truths that I could not possibly cover them or even try in this essay. Instead I would rather comment on the two experiences that evolved from the course and it's exercises.

The first is the meditative method for meeting your soul. Called the Self Inquiry Method. This method requires that you ask the question, "Who Am I Really?" When the answer comes back, attend to it, appreciate it and then keep going deeper by saying, That's fine BUT "Who Am I Really." It is suggested that we do this nightly or whenever it occurs to us.

My experience has been marvelous. In no time I had penetrated layers and was floating in the cosmos; part of ALL THAT IS. After several days I had the distinct feeling that I AM divine. It is a wonderful place to return to over and over. I feel lucky because it took so little time to achieve this, I feel I have a marvelous place to go to and a new tool to use. Putting these experiences into words is not easy and I would not want anyone to think my responses diminish the divine in any. The experience is tremendously expansive and joyful, one for which to be grateful.

The second major plus is Generative Visualization – when you ask your inner wisdom for answers. I have been doing this for years talking to my Spirit Guide and Teachers. BUT as a result of this course I know I am not "crazy." I can now use this skill attentively and joyfully.

Again I cannot recommend this course highly enough. A real winner.


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