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Friday, November 21, 2008

Celestine Prophecy

Insights into Awareness Final Exam
by Rev. Jean Pagano
The rise of the middle class and the accumulation of wealth made possible by the Industrial Revolution slowly but surely moved man out of the fear of religion that categorized the Middle Ages and into the waiting arms of materialism. As people gathered more and more goods, man turned less and less towards his spiritual nature. As a result, man became disconnected, disconcerted, and closed to the spiritual world around him/her.
        Interestingly enough, at some indeterminate point, strange events and coincidences began to occur to individuals. Many of these people kept these coincidences to themselves, fearing the label of "strange" or "bizarre". Yet others, unafraid of the stigma of being different, began to speak to other people about their experiences and they discovered a remarkable thing – others were having the same experience!
            This awareness that "we are not alone in this" gave rise to the fact that the petty local and regional "possession" issues that ruled mankind from the Iron Age forward were secondary to a more global awareness. This awareness is a realization that we have a global or cosmic responsibility and destiny to fulfill. When a person talks about global warming, for example, this is the awareness of a cosmic or global issue. The energy that we direct towards these cosmic goals is something that has not been seen in a long time, if ever. With the advent of particle physics we see that there is much more to matter than just substance, there is also energy entering the equation. The world is made up of energetic particles so, by the use of our will and our desire, we believe that we can move the world, if ever so slightly, by the use of intent. Since we have begun speaking to our friends, neighbours, and confidants about our esoteric issues, it now occurs to people that if one person's energy may make a difference, then many peoples' energies will make an even bigger difference! Now, as enlightened and connected individuals, we can use energy to accomplish wonderful things. Interestingly enough, people using energy for positive purposes should work; however, people working for negative ends may also be able to manipulate energy.
            These negative ends are basically employed for a number of reasons; however, they have been the source of conflict from the beginning of time. The coveting of energy is essentially the same as the coveting of property since we have established that substance can be reduced down to energy. Because of the descent into interests surround substance or material things, we, as a people, have become adrift and seemingly disconnected from the Divine, the divinities, or perhaps the Source. By reconnecting ourselves to the energy flow that pulses within us, we also approximate a connection to the mystical and the Divine. The Second Coming, as I see it, is the realization that what we have been looking for all along is to be found within ourselves – we only need to look.
    Once we understand that the source bubbles up from within ourselves, we can begin to reintegrate our own energy flow into our need for energy, thereby freeing us from having to take energy from others. This is not a short-term project, but will take some time to deprogram within ourselves. Knowing and understanding control dramas helps the individual to learn how to avoid the dramas all together and rely on ourselves and the universal source(s) for the energy we need.
            Somewhere along in this process of reintegrating ourselves with ourselves, we come to understand that we are given this source of energy for a reason, not just for-the-heck-of-it. There is a mission and a goal to which we apply this energy. This is the hardest task of all. Deep inside, we all fear that there is no reason and that there is no purpose for our journey through the wheel. Yet, we strive to discover this for it feels as though we are being pulled along, drawn to the centre. What we find there, of course, is one of the Great Mysteries. 
            We discover, in the company of like-minded-energetic-beings, that we resonate, not only with ourselves, but with the pulsations that arise when such energy bodies come together. As part of the process of making this world a better and more vibrant place, we pass along the things we have learned and experienced to those who we sense are ready to learn and understand. Here too, one must use their intuition to find the right person for such an approach.
            Finally, with such a tapping-into the energy source, one may find that the entire cosmic physic shifts as more and more people become aware of their energetic potential. The ultimate (perhaps Utopian) goal is that everyone is moving towards the same energetic potential. When and if this happens, the entire paradigm of life-as-it-is will shift and change. A new world will have arise, from within the individual to form something even more remarkable. It is a dream and a possibility.
            This was a very enjoyable course. There is a lot of reading in the lessons but they are very much worth the time. The journey through the insights is well presented and then the ensuing discussion does focus on peripheral topics that are relevant to the whole. I found the course wholly enjoyable and well worth the large amount of time required for completion.


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