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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Course In Miracles

A Course in Miracles - Dr. Of Metaphysics
Prominently displayed in my office is a sign that reads: 
I feel that this is the crux of this course: to surrender to God. When we do this we are alleviated from our struggle with the ego.
Of course we MUST deal with our egos because our egos impede our progress toward true spirituality. Our egos are fear based, God is love based, and only love is real and has power.  The keys to miraculous living, which is what this course is all about, tell us how to live in the light, to live in love.
I found this course to be phenomenally helpful in living every day and in dealing with challenges. So many of our problems are caused by ours and others search for power and/or control. Instead of being helpful and living in kindness and love, we struggle with others for control over situations. It is so helpful to be reminded to step back and look at each difficult situation calmly in order to determine our motive for our behavior.  Is it truly in the interest of the "light" or is it coming from the ego. 
Since beginning this process, I have found only too often that it is my ego talking, not my heart. Once this becomes clear it is easy to know how to proceed. It is easy to figure out which things need to be followed with more determination and which can simply be let go. Each time I do this, I come that much closer to being able to do it automatically. 
The only part of this course which I could not accept was the basic premise describing the origin of separation; that Jesus thought about separating from God and voila the separation occurred. According to this theory, this created the ego, which always feels a sense of lack. I can buy the idea that the ego always feels a sense of lack and is, therefore, trying "to fill up." I have difficulty accepting that God who is all love, would allow this to happen. Fortunately this difference did not detract from the rest of the course, which I think is excellent.
 Rev. Judith Wolf
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