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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Course in Miracles


In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.
These words are from the King James Bible in the passage of John 1.

When I was young I went this way and that way playing in life. As I grew older I learned responsibility, and hither and yon became quests of learning and establishing beliefs I would live by. One of these quests led me to the point of my very substance. My root of roots, of the Metaphysical side of the human and who I am. The spiritual side of the Physics that makes us all whole as it were.

I will in this text try to keep it simple as life itself is but a simple vapor, but also to go in depth to the degree of understanding as we are a very unique and complex being.
Stay with me now. This will be I hope for you one of the most important bits of information that a person can find.

As I had said before I was on a quest in my life. I had enough of Preachers who didn't know their job,. Preachers who were in the category of total hypocrite. Those that would answer my questions with " It's a mystery or you'll have to wait to ask God about that one sonny". Then smile and walk away not even one bit concerned that I was bleeding inside. I wanted answers. Did I get saved and that's it? Was that all there was. Wait till I die and go to some Mansion in the sky? What's up with that? Is being a Christian the same as I was before but with a new title? I had to find out for myself.

Years went by I joined the military, did my hitch and then went back to work as a truck driver. 23 years later I was still asking Preachers the same questions. Who actually is God. Why does it say he knew me before I was born. Why did he love me? What is the real meaning of life. Come on already......doesn't anybody know? Am I to just grow up learn to work and then die? There's got to be more to life than this. Just gotta be.
I read books, asked questions, surfed the net.

Then one day an amazing truth hit me. How could I have been so blind? Why, if God is the God of everything, couldn't I just ask God. No, that would be too simple and besides if God is a God of everything think of the time on hold just waiting for an answer. lol

I quit with my foolish thinking and got down on my knees, humbling myself before the almighty. God, I said, I know your there and I know what your word says as I have read it over the years and searched for these answers. I know you are the great I AM. Can you help me now and answer my questions? Then I added, I know your probably busy handling world hunger and wars and such, but if you could take just a minute of your time and just tell me what I am really here for I would appreciate it.

Well I didn't get hit by a lightning bolt or anything but I did get a picture in my mind and these words.

"seek and you'll find"

Ok, now was I just told the same thing that the preachers had said or was there a deeper meaning to what I heard? Maybe I imagined it. Maybe it was just me hearing what I thought I would hear. Then it happened.

"Be still and know that I Am God"

A still, small voice said that inside my head? heart? soul? Well, where ever it was, I heard it..............more years went by and I learned to pray and ask questions in the same manner as before. but as time went on I saw a pattern that never failed. I would praise God for who he was, thank him for what I had and then tell him where I was in my situations. Then I would wait and the answers would come.That's right ...the answers.
What answers?

All answers.

Well at the risk of being a bit shallow and vague I will leave this all as it is written. If you want answers I have given you the formula for life. If your too blind then maybe you just shouldn't see anyhow. But the answers are in the writing above if you'll just ponder and realise the answer to WHo Am I is actually I AM.

Thank you and my your voyage be safe and full of Love.

REF: John 3:16

--Rev. Michael


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