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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Humanity - A Lifestyle, A choice
Hello Friends.

I wish to speak about my path in life. The path I choose is humanity.

I am what others refer to as a Humanist or a Free thinker. Some who are into judging others call me an Atheist. That is a label that may suite me on the exterior but not my interior.

I have been involved with many Christian-Judeo paths while I was growing up. I have developed a mind that challenges the answers that others give with more questions. I keep questioning until I am out of questions. I also quit questioning when I get answers that are supported by physical evidence. That usually appeases me.

Rather than going into all the information that brought me to this life philosophy, I'll just get to a few of my main beliefs that I hold as truth.

1. God is a Myth. I do not believe in a being called "God". I believe that "God" was created as a way to control others and give power to a select few over the many.

2. When man wages war in the name of God, it does not mean that this violence has been condoned by "God". It means man is using the idea of "God" to justify violence. War does not bring peace. Peace is what happens after the violence of war has run out of things to consume.

3. "God" to me is the Earth and the Sky. Everything I need to survive is given to me freely by both the Earth and the Sky. Air, Water, Earth, Wisdom, Energy, Shelter, Food. All of these things that are part of our daily lives is given to each of us by the Earth and the Sky.

4. Cannabis is the tree of life. Cannabis supplies everything that is needed to survive. You can build almost everything from the cannabis plant. It enriches soil and controls erosion. The seed is the most nutritious grain know to man. It can be used to make clothing, as well as build houses and other types of shelters. It has been used in the past for almost everything. It should be free in the world, and not suppressed by governments.

5. Greed is the biggest flaw of mankind. Greed is at the underlying cause of every single thing that is wrong in our societies.

6. Humility is the greatest asset of mankind. Humility opens up the way to resolution for all the problems that man perpetuates.

7. Man is the biggest problem for the environment as well as the biggest solution to all the problems mankind faces today. We can rebuild this planet. We need to get out of our superstitious ideas and embrace all that the planet can give us. If we are respectful of this planet, then we will be sustained by this planet.

These are my a few philosophical points to living. I study the Tao and practice being a better human being. Mankind forgets that it is not spiritual things that keep us alive, but it is nature that keeps us alive. We can not survive off this planet. To survive, we must have the planet Earth. We also need the environment that surrounds Earth to survive and exist. Mankind may continue to dominate the planet. The planet does not need mankind to survive. Mankind needs the planet Earth to survive.

Rev. Dr. Joseph Frank D.D.
Albuquerque, NM


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