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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


In doing research on Past Life Regression there are several benefits that can help you on your path in this life time. Some of those benefits are:
a.            Learning the answers to the big questions: Why are we here? What's it all for? What is the meaning of life? Past life regression attempts to help you answer these questions by walking your through it step by step.
b.            Connect with your soul mate: We generally travel with the same soul groups throughout various incarnations.  People we meet who we feel like we have know forever. Past life regressions can take you back to the connections with these souls.
c.            Uncover amazing things you didn't even know you knew: Memories of jobs, skills, you had in past lives' you can recall and learn how to do them in this life time.
d.            See dead people: past life regressions take you into the past, people that you interacted with in your different life times.
e.            It helps you to be able to resolve some of the unexplained habits and quirks in this lifetime.
f.            Regression therapy is a short term therapy and tends to be more concentrated than other therapies.
g.            It releases crippling emotional, mental and physical blockages.
h.            The best part is Regression therapy is holistic. No drugs needed.
As in all things there are also bad or negative aspects of regression therapy in my research I not found as many negatives as I did positives.  A few include:
a.            When clients are taken back to another life time, sometimes a new personality may appear that does not want to leave.
b.            An inexperienced therapist my easily put suggestions into a clients head that may really confuse or upset the client.
c.            Some clients may feel they are going crazy or making things up, which can lead to fear.
I feel the main part is to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with, has a very good reputation. Remember you can stop the session yourself at any time. The client is in complete control.

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