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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Metaphysical Healing

Master of Metaphysical Healing is a fascinating course, which every healer should take. It coalesces many, if not all, facets of the art of healing. From anatomy to the healers prayer it teaches, or reminds, us of those aspects of healing every healer should know.

Written from the perspective of South Africa, Rev. Dr. Katherine Lee Kruger presents a view that was new to me; with which I was vaguely familiar, but about which I really knew little. The teachings of the African healers are deeply meaningful, giving a much broader and deeper understanding of the healing arts.

This is a really complete course on healing. Many other teachers pick one aspect or method and go into it in great detail. Rev. Dr. Kruger goes in depth for many methods. I appreciate the fine background, which she has presented. The anatomy and aura sections are the perfect start. It would be useful to have each lecture on cards that could be filed for easy, future reference.

As for the practice itself, I am a Reiki Master so am familiar and comfortable with all of the hands-on healing approaches. I do not feel that way about some of the other techniques. In particular, any practice which involves deep relaxation bordering upon hypnosis, can be dangerous if used by someone who has not been trained. Practicums are needed in these areas, especially something like past life regression. What if the client sees something violent or threatening and becomes panicked? What if it seems impossible to bring the person out of trance? I was once involved in a relaxation session that took us through our own deaths. After coming out of it, one person became hysterical. Fortunately the leader was a trained psychologist and was able to handle the situation.

Finally, I am looking forward to my attempt to see auras. I have been trying to do this for many years. Hopefully with Rev. Drs Kruger’s instructions I will be successful.

Rev. Judith Wolf

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