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This blog is a collection of essays and lesson comments from several of the Universal Life Church courses on Metaphysics. We have a Spirit Quest Course and one on A Course In Miracles.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Spirit Quest

We named our meditation garden Soulquest Place and lined the paths with roses, herbs and other plants.   We shared our spiritual path often in this garden until a stoke took his mind, and finally his body but left behind was his spirit there with me always.  His ashes were placed in a corner with a sign reading, " Blessings".   I enrolled in a local class called Soul Quest and in this class called Spirit Quest. It was uncanny how often within the same week the two classes would be about the same topic.   

      However, at first I had a real problem with the Spirit Quest assignment to blow up roses.  My garden was full of roses symbolic of the love my late husband and I had shared and I found I could not go there to read or meditate and blow them up for it was too much like losing the love of my life, my late husband.  After totally losing his mind, following a stroke, he returned one last time to the garden in December when all green life was dead,  to my surprise there hide among the dead leaves piled around the rose  bush, one last small red bud,  protected from the cold of winter by the piles of brown leaves. 

   In all the years of our marriage, it was his habit to put a rose at my plate each morning if there was one in the garden,  but I was in total shock to find one the week of Christmas.  He knew not my name at this point but he still knew enough to pick the rose and place it by my breakfast plate that 25th of Dec.  He returned the next day to the nursing home never to inner our garden in body again and soon passed in death.
  Finally, to remain in the class and take part in the assignments, I had to change the color to dead brown roses and blow them up and create new little red buds like the one my Joe,  found that special Christmas day. Eventually, the classes begin to work for me.   I learned that grief needed her justice but even she had to be blow away so the living could go on living and not die in spirit with the dead in body.  Creating that grounding cord help me get back on my feet and not to allow others who wanted to just dump their problems but fail to take responsibility for help themselves to drain me of my own positive energy. 

  I found myself looking forward to the class each week and the next big spiritual foot hold I would gain in my spiritual path in the quest for spirit.  I have taken about six classes now from ULC and this has been my best for personal growth. For many years Joe was my teacher and then you.  I will miss you Spirit Quest Class,  but my quest will continue and since the student is ready I am sure a new guide or teacher will come to lead me in my onward journey in  the quest for soul and spirit.

The Soulquester,
Rev. Linda Francis 


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