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This blog is a collection of essays and lesson comments from several of the Universal Life Church courses on Metaphysics. We have a Spirit Quest Course and one on A Course In Miracles.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest has been an informative and excellent lesson in taking charge of my life. It is well written and comfortable to learn. Of all the lessons, the most meaningful to me were the basic meditation techniques-especially the grounding exercises. I enjoyed learning how to center myself, cleanse negative energy and practice awareness and mindfulness.

Many years ago I learned meditation as a means of managing migraine headaches. Slowly, with time I have forgotten about daily practice because I got caught up in the craziness of life. Renewing this practice has allowed me to slow down and stay present. It has taught me to free up personal energy for healing and wholeness. I no longer take on negative energy from others and if I inadvertently let some in I know how to handle it. This is the miracle I have created for myself. The change is extremely positive and uplifting. At any time I can ground, center, breathe and heal.

The lessons on getting unstuck were also meaningful to me. Throughout life I have been aware of getting stuck on things and of how this has kept me focused on the past. Moving forward became difficult often resulting in problems. Some of the tools came more naturally than others. The Body of Glass tool was very difficult at first but with practice I am seeing small improvement. Since I love centering neutrality was one of my favorite lessons. Clearly seeing a situation makes the choices about that situation much more available. I like picturing a movie screen while sitting in a nice comfy chair. This is a very safe environment from which to evaluate a situation and choose a course of action.

Another area that was meaningful to me was the lesson on time. I have done some therapeutic work with somatic counseling to look at the trauma of a serious car accident. Although I didn’t know it at the time I was using the tools of neutrality and time to recover from this trauma. Most of my time and energy was spent in the past still involved in the accident. The anxiety was incredible and I was stuck beyond belief. Through hypnosis, meditation and learning balance I was able to release some of that negative energy and move more freely in the present. This course has reminded me of the tune-ups I must continue to do to keep from getting stuck again.

Above all I have learned that spirituality is fluid. This course has given me the tools to continue healthy growth, to identify my needs and to adjust my attitude when needed. I learned some of these tools once, misplaced them and now have them again. Thank you Spirit Quest.

by Elizabeth Andres

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