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Friday, January 15, 2010

Religious Philosophy

Religious Philosophy - As I  say can only speak for myself God gave us every thing and in his word we have the best of all is his son that is every thing. We get his word from Hebrew,Greek,and Latin, but it all is by the inspiration of God that is the truth and that is where our Bible came from,and now if we read 2 Tim. 3:16 & 17, and believe it that we read are we not borrowing from the one's  that was being talked about ,but we still know it is the truth form God to man. Now can we say that they are doing anything wrong by taking the good out of all they know to make the world a better place. I am glad it is not for me to judge. Maybe we are not so much of a difference if we look at what ,and how we believe to be the truth.Can we be sure that we are right ,and they are wrong did we not borrow from John Calvin, and others?

2. No we borrowed from others and I don't think that what we have is diluted or it's value has diminished from our original faith.                                                                                     

2. I think more of us could lean from that we know of them of what we read in this lesson about how they believe. They must be a caring,and sensitive socially tolerant people. Do I think that if you are not sincere the real truth will come out, and I think that is a real good, sure way of knowing that it is legitimate, and the way the dominant culture treat's them so poorly or wrong, and their on government's position is that they are savages and how would we feel, and do because of our on country and government is against us more and more every day, but we must keep on keeping on this is how,and the way I think.

Religious Philosophy in the beginning to me had no business being on or in the same book, but after starting this course well thing's started to look a little different. As I began to read the first lesson it was beginning to make some change's in my thought's. How about in some ways it help me, but some would confuse me to. Like our vehicle for the journey some what had me at a stand still until I stop to think about what it was telling me. Then a light came on and I seen things in a different way even being a relatively new field of study, and it is different from one belief to another I can how see the purpose for both. History tells us that this study started in the 18th century,and the funny thing is that they were not Christians and don't want to be. Now I can go on and on about where it began,but to make some kind of comment on some of the other thing's that I have learn I must move on. Religious Ethic's, and Fundamental's, I believe that if we don't have truth, faith and love and a devotion and trust in our religion it is as nothing because it is. Worship is another way to know if we are right with our Lord. Another way is if he is in me then I should be in him, and if that is true the part about Ethical System would take care of it's self.

I have always believe that good Christian people try to bring up their children in the same way that is as a good christian does it always work no not at that time, but later on in their life it take's on it's self. We may never understand all that God has for us or do we need to know,all the thing he has I don't think so,but that is just me. We should not be to worry about that because we can not change reality all we can do is try to understand as much as possible, and that is all. Organized Religion's and Cult's that was something that I knew nothing about until I started this course I learn that anytime a group of people meet to worship is an organized religion. I believe that from the beginning because it say's so in the bible if I am not wong. Also I learn all kind's of religion's, Hindu's,Muslim's,Buddhist's and Sikh's, so the population of the world two third's of them does not claim to be christian's that mean's 70% are in a Cult. Now for what I have learn in this course I can't write it all down because it would take forever,and it would make a book as I said before so it is best if I tell you I learn a lot of thing's and let that be enough,what I have already should be. In lesson 4 about the Great Ape's I am not smart enough to talk about them.

Paul R. Ehrlich is to smart for me he is a professor, I am not anything, but a confessor of sin, and a bible believing christian, and that is not being smart that is the truth. i know this is not going to sound right, but I have to ask is it not true that a pig is smart as well? that is something I heard before. Dr James B Harrod has a study on chimp's behavior, and I am not saying he don't know what he is talking about, but I have been to the zoo, and I hope that I am not any kin to the chimp's that I saw in there, but maybe I am and I still hope not.Am I stupid are something because I don't think we are related to no ape of any kind. No or pig nether maybe because I believe in what God has to say, and like I said I am not trying to be funny or anything, but I can't see us as anything, but a man if that makes me stupid I am so just call me stupid. Man as I believe them to be was made by God, and for God to have a Father and son type of relationship with in the beginning, and man mess it up the same way as he always done by being disobedient like Adam and Eve. we are the same as they were.

Rev. Johnnie W.


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