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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti help

Dear Rev. Amy,
    As always, I am thankful to receive your inspiring e-mails.  I am especially encouraged by your "Dream Big E-mail".  I want to share with you and all others that may read this (it is more than fine for you to share this e-mail with anyone you wish).
    Let me start by mentioning that I am a Universal Life Church ordained minister. Here in Houston, Texas, we founded a small church with a very big name...The International Church of Mary Magdalene.  Like so many others across the globe, my wife of 38 years, Dr. Donna Ashmead, Ph.D, and I, were truly pained to witness the devastation that the earth quake did to Haiti, and watch the human suffering of the people of Haiti.
    After much prayer, our small church has decided to take on a major crusade to help the people of Haiti. Because Dr. Ashmead and I, are life long educators, we have prayed and decided that the best way we can help is to build a vocational training school in Port Au Prince, to teach Haitians construction related skills for the re-building of their country.
We will incorporate in the next few days, The Haiti Institute of the Island College of the Caribbean. We will immediately apply for IRS 501 (c) tax exempt status for the non-profit organization.
     In addition to the carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, we will also start a "Bicycle Re-building and Re-pair Project...and a community health and nursing program.
     Please ask that others pray for us and if they wish to be part of our voluntary efforts with our Haiti Institute...please write us.
     Haitians speak creole (French-English-African language) We will need to teach in both languages.

   Again, Rev. Amy, thank you for all you do and for your always positive messages.
With Love,
Rev. B. Fred Ashmead
Houston, Texas.

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