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Friday, January 15, 2010

Christian Religion

I am enjoying doing the Master of Religion Course as I find it very interesting.

In Lesson 11, we are dealing with the problem of abortion, which is a very thorny question to which there is no definitive or immediate answer. I am sure most people will agree that we do not have the right to terminate life, even though that life is still in the mother's womb. I think that every child has the right to be born - whether disabled or not - and make its contribution to the world. Many children have been born disabled but yet have produced  a high standard of life.

In my opinion, medical necessity should really be the only criterion for abortion - to save the mother's life. If a women does not want children, then surely in these days she can find a way of not becoming pregnant. Young people in particular should be encouraged to ensure safety in their sexual adventures which would prevent the need for possible abortions In every responsible home, the parents should encourage their children to act safely in these matters, although there is never a 100% guarantee. But should the unforeseen happen, in a responsible home the matter can be solved in a proper way.

Ultimately, if a woman does not want to have the baby for herself then I am sure arrangements can be made for adoption quickly after birth.  Many childless couples would love the chance to adopt.  I have known this to happen on a number of occasions with very satisfactory results.

Rev. Derek Kemp


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