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This blog is a collection of essays and lesson comments from several of the Universal Life Church courses on Metaphysics. We have a Spirit Quest Course and one on A Course In Miracles.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr. Spirituality Lesson 19

 Here are my responses to Lesson #19 Dr. of Spirituality:
Our assignment this week is to pick 3 principles taught in the Course in Miracles and write whether we aree or disagree with them:
1.  Under the section titled "Love"  the assertion is made that "fear does not really exist except in the imagination."  It may be true that fear is a product of our thinking.  It is a difficult concept to embrace however.  If someone is innocently walking to the school bus and is kidnapped, tortured and killed is the Course saying that the fear in that 6 year old child  is an illusion and that what has happed to him is love?  How can a child who is innocent create this situation?  It is likely a child has no concept of evil things happening to him and therefore could not project from his ego this scenario or its outcome.  So the question is this, is it the ego of the child who produced this or the ego of the person who committed the acts?  Do they somehow combine as one?  On some level did they agree to this event ie did they need this to move forward to remembering they are one with God and that God is Love?

2.  If fear comes from the imagination and the Course teaches that this world and everything in it comes from fear then what are we saying  here?  Are we saying that God is the Creator who is Love and as the Creator made us out of fear?  I cannot wrap my mind around that concept.  We are told we are made in God's image and that we are his sons and daughters.  So if we are imaginary what is real?  I realize we are more than our bodies,  however, we appear to need our bodies to come into balance and healing on the Earth plane.  I agree our egos are fear based and that we do, through our egos see False Evidence Appearing Real.  Through fear Love is masked and erroneous actions are taken.  I agree that our egos sole purpose is to promote itself as our master rather than to allow Oneness with God and knowing the Truth.

3. "God gave us the Holy Spirit as a means of communicating with Him..." turning to him in prayer is our means of acknowledging that of ourselves "we are nothing".  If we are made in God's image and are One with God, why is an intercessor needed?  How can we be One with our Creator and nothing?  Is God nothing? If there is only Love then what difference does anything we do make?  If we are nothing and just an illusion, how can it matter what we do or fail to do?  What difference does it make to God how we pray if He created us and knows us and knows our needs then He understand any limitations we may have and presumably will arrange His response to our prayers according to our real needs just as an earthly father would do if his child asked for something that was not healthy for the child.

I think the overall sentiment of what I understand related to The Course in Miracles is a happy one.  I do not believe it is the only way home and I do not believe it is the way for everyone to re-connect with The Creator.  Monnie
Monnie WWTD

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