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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Universal Life Church

Thoughts Can Create Great Things
by Isran Komarga

Most of us moat of the time aren't really aware of the thoughts we have and where we're directing out energy to most of the day. We may be aware of our thoughts but we actually don't pay much attention to where they're leading us. We will know which thoughts serve us better and which don't if we pay more attention to them and we try to be more consciously aware of them. Our thoughts precedes our emotions and our emotions actually reveal whether we are focused or not. At times, it may seem like listening to your thoughts is very overwhelming. But it is truly the only way that we can take control of them and change them if we need to.

All our lives, we are bombarded with other people's beliefs and ideas. While growing up, we were trained on how we can perceive ourselves and what we can expect to achieve. When we are born, the fact of who we really are is known to us, however, we soon forget this because of the ideas of others. then we most likely adapt to our environment and we become who we need to be in order to survive, feel loved and be accepted by others.
If we don't realize that our thoughts are behind the formation of our reality, we will be subjecting ourselves to unconsciously repeating pattern of beliefs that will keep us stuck. If we try to become observers of our thoughts, rather than the victim of them, then we will have the opportunity to change. We can then change the thoughts we have which produce negative emotions into positive emotion producing thoughts. If we try to keep our thoughts positive, it will create an outer world of positivity as well.
Everything that exists or has been created began as an ides, a thought in someone's mind. Thoughts produce things. So it just follows that positive thoughts will create positive things. We cannot change what we don't acknowledge. The first step is to become aware with the things that we have attracted into our lives and then becoming the master of our thoughts so we're able to create something different and unique, and something we can be proud of.

Mastering our thoughts is a choice. Choose the thoughts that feel good for you. This will make you fell peaceful and powerful.
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