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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chaplain Course

This course has taken me to the top and right back to the bottom The top being what I thought was a call to be a Chaplain to my past Biker lifestyle. The bottom being I was so wrong and failed my mission to even help my buddy in Prison right now.

I was called to be a follower of Christ back when I was a child. The scripture that spoke life into me was found in the book of Acts 20:24. This call came to me because it was my dead sister who lead me to know Christ in the first place, which now these very words would be anchor to my soul to keep me through my walk right up to the very gates of hell in the Out Law Biker lifestyle. I guess my first response to much of this course was the same as my studies with the Grove Of Dana Bardic Course I started back many years ago. It will also be a lifetime process to become a Chaplain. The word Master of Chaplain is a lifetime process of learning and study. Here I thought my seminary days where over. LOL Ya right. Like the Bardic course this also is a process of being in a furnace, or Calderon. The Mark of the Divine has always been very clear all my life. I guess you could say Psalm 18 is my life in words. Over and over again I have saw the Divine power of Gods hands take me through the death of my sister to being raped to heavy drug addiction. Burnt out Brian cells I still could re site scriptures I had learned as a child. God has always drawn me with His words in scripture. I have also saw myself a shepherd of peoples.I have always tried to lead others rather then foll low in the past and wondered why until I grasped it from the course.

Sorry to jump to lessen eight, but that where some meat came to my soul. The structure of, or art of listening. It was an eye opener to have a list of the hands on. I never saw people as permanent or temporary. Yet it does clear up and make for a shorter list. Consistency is one of the biggest words I lack so badly in my life, but now see how important it really is. Availability is a loaded word, which is compounded by Consistency. Seeing them both work together to build trust and better relationships. Compassion has always been a strong part of my life. I have always drawn and been blinded by my compassion also. This I will claim is a process I'll be working harder to build into my character.

I also learned a lot about the structure to Listening. I lost the art of listening and am glad for this process to follow with the eye, body posture and gestures. Being first to open the door and offer a seat!

I have always known about Touch. This is my fourth year fighting for the new Holly Jones Law. She was murdered and raped and chopped up in May 12/ 2003. This last couple of years we have been trying to pass a theory of touch. I  am off base but trying to show how this lessen helped to clarify Touch. People do need the human touch, which is always good to ask before done. The head is the center of the mind and the Spirit. It is there the nervous system is headquarters.

A topic I have set out to learn all I can about in this life is Comfort the Grieving. Being a Chaplain I had said to you it would be good to do the comparative religion, because to relate to others in their own spiritual beliefs. My own theological stance has changed over and over again to be honest. Being a ULC Minister and knowing we accept all faiths it's hard t coin one side. Yet I do fully see an after life, but contend also with a re birth into and form, or being. I have always found on this topic that God opens my mind and heart and mouth to what He wants to be said in this time of sorrow.

Counsel to the Troubled. I wish when I was a youth worker I had this information. I would have not suffered burn out, or temptation to the flesh. A safe place with a door, or a window is a great way to see safety and policy. I can't recall how many times this would have saved a lot of trouble in the past. Through the process of the lesson I took responsibility for some of my own actions in studies and the call to reach the lost. Through this process I was able to come away from my former lifestyle and lead a life unto God and the call. I still lack accountability, but one day at a time. The theory of THINK/ ACT & FEEL was the best three words in the hole of the course for me. I learned more in this lesson then any other. I recall the day I did this lessen. In fact I keep doing this one over and over again. Knowing my best variation is to think first, or line up my thoughts with out motto. "WHAT IS THE RIGHT ACTION IN THIS SITUATION"  I gotta say it's true the feeling of satisfaction of doing right comes every time I put this process first. I have made it part of my thinking now and daily use it.I guess this is where they got the What would Jesus do theory?

Traps boy that' s a process! Self awareness, Knowing my own limitations. I need to read and re-read and process " It is not about you or me. It is about the One who calls us. It is about bringing Divine presence into the lives of others. It is never about how well we've done. It is about the reality that the Spirit using us." Love it all. I have often failed to ask others for help in the past. Tried to do it on my own and not listen to others. I see now how to avoid my own traps and find friends who can give me honest feed back. Self awareness is the key.

The Soul Friend is the next piece of meat to eat in this study. I got'a say it's pretty darn hard to make even one friend in this life let alone a soul- friend. I could in some ways understand this, but fail it in so many ways also. I would have no trouble calling Christ my soul- friend who has drawn me with cords of love through my own personal hell in this life. Even in the very pit of the shadows of death in front of me he spoke to me and calmed my heart. I was not afraid to die point blank in Christ love a couple of times in my life. I also stood in the flesh on a death threat and felt empty when told to get ready to die, but Christ came to my aide also at those items as my soul- friend. I have little trust in man to see one as a soul-friend. Yet I will also confess any and all my christian friendships are forever and it is always like yesterday when we see each other, so yes maybe I have several of them.

The ten dollar swear work " Accountability " Back a few years ago I worked with a Army Chaplain for about a year. I was accountable to being there and doing the works of a Chaplain. He and I where where able to finish up and print my Drug & Alcohol outreach program. We shared the pulpit and the weekly Bible study to the homeless also. Looking back he had many of the qualities spoken of in this course, but his heart was and is in Iraq to this very day.

So in the end of all this my call to be a Chaplain to the family of Black Label Society is where I rest. People come to me via Internet daily for helps of all sorts. I deal with cancer children daily and death also. Many hold radical faiths in what ever, which they all know I don't judge anyone on the basis of their faith. Funny how death draws people together in life, but it does. I have no clue how many words I have printed and am not doing this for words, or a credit in the end. God said be as eager to finish that which you have started, so here it be my essay.

Minister of Peace Revern Douglas Tebbutt


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