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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 Karma from a Rosicrucian point of view

In response to the Karma essay I have had this info in the basic atriums of the Rosicrucian Order
1.Most Rosicrucians believe in reincarnation.
2.Reincarnation was taken from the church teachings by the second church council held at Constantinople in A.D. 533 .
3.What did this do for the right interpretation of "AS ye sow:so shall ye reap"
Wicca teachings as far as three things bringing a effect are as well addressed by the Rosicrucians dating back to Ancient Atlantis whom used the triangle as a way of writing and had a whole alphabet based on it.
The Rosicrucian philosophy is based totally on the Law of the Triangle( which two things brought about a third or a result or effect and the triangle can be reversed where two things will bring about one..sounds a bit like Monothism or to a Rosicrucian the belief in one God.
God can give or take away
The triangle is used in math calculations as the pyramid in Egypt was designed after the principal because of strength in building and channeling energy fields.We call the energy spirit which holds all matter together or the God of one's heart,Spirit vibration are allways in motion.
 Karma of whole nations is brought about by cause and effect not just an individual being.The Earth we live on is our Ark we need to take care of it's harmony.
Some religions believe in transmigration or being reborn as an animal in a next life so they hold a high regard for animals.
Be careful what you wish for remember Karma is made as a result of something or an action taken to bring about a result.
An old saying I shortened from the Christian bible for myself
Whomever believes, shall not parish, but have everlasting life.
The fact I believe in Jesus the Christ from this saying is the God of my heart for me.
Submitted from a Rosicrucian point of view
Rev.Eddie R Albertson D.D.
ULC Seminary student


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