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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Master of Shamanism

I have read numerous books on shamanism.    They usually tell of a system of shamanism, but rarely are their practices explained in the detail that this course was.    To be honest I wasn't expecting much more with this course, and was I ever wrong.

I am a ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and a Reiki Master/Teacher.

To better understand the impact this course has had upon me, you will need to know a little about me.  Though my young life was involved in many different Christian faiths, by their own definition today I am no longer a Christian.

Do I believe in Christ?    Yes, but not as most others do.    I do not believe that he died because we were so very bad.    Rather I believe that the people of power at the time believed that his words were worth more with him dead.    Then they could change and alter them for their own needs.    This was told to his closest followers when he warned them to beware of such people.

I also do not separate this entity others call God.    Placing him/her somewhere out in the cosmos in a realm called heaven.    Being Native American this is Great Spirit to me, and is within and without of all of creation.    How very shallow of us to think that Great Spirit is stuck with such limits as a human body.   Does Great Spirit wish to be worshipped?      I don't think so, we have been given this wonderful gift called life.     Some seem almost painful compared to others, but when you step back, remembering that our souls are immortal, wow.   What a truly wonderful thing this thing called life is.    Great Spirit wishes to have something much more precious then worship.    Unconditional love is all that is desired.     No longer blamed for things that we have brought upon ourselves.

We are here to experience life, and through us Great Spirit experiences life.   Love is what is more desired then wars, turmoil or strife, but that's why we have freewill.    Great Spirit wants unconditional love by our choices, not out of some ill based threats.

Off my soapbox… Back to the course….

A very complete understanding of shamanism was given.  Not only were the areas given but their ways and beliefs were explained in detail.     Most I had no idea of.   Organized faith systems have always place anything beyond their scope as evil (ie; the devil made me do it)    Finally taking the image of this person called over the years, like witch doctor, and letting others know that in fact the shaman was every form of know doctor all rolled into this one person.   Though by today's standards the methods may be considered crude, they worked then and they work today.

I found myself grinning when you taught me that, some of the very people that have condemned Shamans, were actually rooted in it so deeply, (ie; Judaism and Christianity).     A Shaman (male/female) was the local doctor, the person to seek out when a problem arose.    From Siberia and outward, it was found all across the globe, and though methods differed, the purposes were the same, and everything in all of creation was connected.  

Shamanism was finally taken out of the faith based system where it never really belonged, and put where if belonged, a way of life.   The tools used were not to worship, but rather to show respect to the one being connected to, spirit or real.  This of course shown with masks and rattles.  

Connection to all that is, to me is the main reason Shamanism worked then and works today.    The Shaman never tried to separate themselves from the animals, plants or minerals.     They were nor a better life form, that had been given to have dominion over everything else, to be used in any manner wished, whether greed based or not.    This is probably best shown in the dealings between even humans themselves by explorers, claiming someone else's home in the name of whatever flag they waved,

This connective ness is what Shamans used to accomplish their goals.   A Shaman talks to them, seeking their advice and protection, in every realm that is being dealt with.      This course, though after reading it, it made sense, hypnotism would be needed or guided journeying.    

Shamanism is exactly what I knew it was, another piece of the puzzle.   Something that should be used to compliment other healing ways.     Because lets face it, it does no good fighting to destroy the illness alone, unless the cause is also treated.

Shamanism, Medicine and Science should become brothers.   Only then can we hope to put illness behind us.    Sadly, human vanity stops this from happening.  

Rather then using all the terms used on this course, I thought you wanted what I got from it.     This was best describes in a paragraph from the last lesson.    A Shaman is all of the following,  physician, psychotherapist, magician, performing artists, storyteller and weather person.   A Doctor whose operating room I many cases, is your soul.      I work with many people in some of these ways.    Am I a Shaman, to this I will say because I am not vain, what do others say I am.

This concludes my essay, and all that is left to do is say, thank you for a wonderful course, I enjoyed every part of it, and a firm hug to Amy.

Rev. James D. Acker aka Gray Wolf RMT


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