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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles
It always is fascinating when I read about the ego in metaphysics. I am always reminded of when I first listened to Eckhart Tolle, on Oprah Winfrey, regarding the book A New Earth.
By now we know that the ego, is part of our energy body, and it is, in fact, a false self. While it is easy to become mindful of our own egotistical mannerisms, it is not easy to break them. Many times, we become attached to a pattern of using the word, "I" or "mine". Lesson 2 teaches that The ego is the part of us that says I'm me and you're you. It also reiterates that a strong, balanced ego is necessary for getting along in this world.  The hidden goal, in this life, is to create a balance between our strong ego, necessary for getting along in this world, and the other ego, that causes sudden success in the mind, then failure.
The over-inflated ego causes us to be judgmental. We must create a deflation by abolishing old patterns. The patterns are habits, which began at a younger age, or are embedded into our intellect by examples from outside forces, such as media. I'm never one to say that media is a poor influence, it isn't, but if used incorrectly, it can be, if allowed. Over-inflated egos cause rambling thoughts, and loudness in the cerebellum area of the brain. We can abolish older patterns that attach the over-inflated ego, by exercises. If an exercise is completed over a period of twenty-one days, it becomes a habit, or a way of thinking.
One great way of demolishing the judgmental ego, is by stopping the overuse of the word "I". The example used here will be, "I've earned my doctorate in metaphysics. I've studied for over ten years. I will display the certificate that I earned during the twenty week course of studying. I feel that I've accomplished something that the average person does not accomplish, which in fact, I have." The ego becomes more judgmental, accusing the general population of being not as intelligent. That is the normal pattern of thought. Eventually, the ego takes over, causing the person to become more omnipotent. This is habitual.
As metaphysicians, we don't speak of ourselves as greatness, as in the above paragraph states. We speak of ourselves in a smaller form, but nonetheless greater or lesser than anyone else, or equal. Others then, can emulate our mannerisms, and it becomes a transmittable, oral decree. By way of example, we pass the habit to others. This deflates the ego that chooses to be Right. This stops the demanding. Just by not using the word "I".
We must be mindful of our words, if we choose to carry ourselves in the correct manner. We can still hold our head high, and be aware of all surroundings, and be present, but without the ego disruption. Now, when we explain our professional attributes, we can say, "I'm hanging my doctorate of metaphysics certificate on the wall. It took me ten years to go this route. My words will emulate what was learned. It's called leading by example."
To prevent an under-inflated ego, we must also be very mindful, and create balance. Again, this has to do with thoughts and then, words. Our ego wants us to be saddened, to be grieved in situations that require us to be grieved. Our under inflated ego wants us to carry feelings of depression and guilt in our heads, in fact, it works to force us to believe ill-standing poor self esteem that the under-inflated ego possesses.
As a metaphysics counselor of personal goals and grief,  (actually, a very long title for Intuitive Counselor of Metaphysics), my goal is to teach the aspect of not holding onto grief, but letting go of the ego that presents itself in those feelings. To make a list of personal goals, and helping someone get to those goals by counseling and even tapping into energies not known to the one uneducated in this field, will help others with under inflated egos. Meditation, and thought patterns are mindful abilities that help, also.
People become self absorbed, and this in turn damages the healthy ego. Our place as metaphysicians is to lead others by being less absorbed, and in turn, the transformation, in lesson 2, can become reality. Seeing through spiritual eyes is a great goal. Developing our third eye area is part of our spiritual eye, and we can show others and demonstrate our knowledge by not becoming self absorbed.
The world is now open for us to turn the under-inflated or over-inflated egos of the earth, into balanced, quiet of rambling thoughts, thinking from higher mind, individuals. Imagine the shift this can create!

--Rev. Rhonda Straw

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