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Friday, February 27, 2009


Final Essay Shamanism
Shaman's are extraordinarily remarkable people.  I found myself in awe of their ability to sacrifice, fight overwhelming fear and hardship, on their road to becoming a Shaman.   Magic was taboo in our church.  It was something to be feared.  Something to do with the evil underworld.  So I was not exactly keen on taking this course.  I am glad I did.  This course provided a keen incite and understanding into the Shaman's world.  I respect anyone who can go through this vigorous training and come out whole.
I seems that every group in society has those that are the healers, the teachers, the guides, the judges to help them through life.  They were called, monks, priests, wizards, shamans.  Their judgment was sought to settle disputes; to heal loved ones; to foretell the outcome of a battle.  These leaders were not to be feared as evil but honored as trusted guides.
Not everyone could be a Shaman.  You had to have special talents and characteristics.  The years of preparation were hard.  But in the end, you had someone the group could count on to watch over their specific needs.
This was a very interesting course.  The chapter on Shamanism vs Christianity brought up many interesting comparisons.  I was raised  a strict Catholic, with many laws, rituals and traditions.  I read and study for myself.  Seek my own answers and form my own opinions.  Shamanism has it's own unique rules, rituals and traditions.  Rules, rituals and traditions not that different from Christianity in it's structure.  Except Paganism believes in the earth plus the creator as gods.  While Christianity thinks of God alone as the God of Creation.
I have great respect for all religious beliefs.  Everyone has the right to seek the meaning of life for themselves.
Thank you for this course.  It opened up a world totally foreign to me.  Yet holding many similarities to mutual religions and beliefs of this planet, earth.
May God bless you all,
Rev. Nitza L. Melgar, ULC Minister, SBT


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