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Friday, February 27, 2009

Life of St. Paul

Master of St. Paul Final Essay
Master of St. Paul was very interesting to me.  I would like to thank Rev. Walter Moline for a great job on the course.  It was very well written and very informative.  I would also like to thank Amy for all her hard work she does making it possible for people like me to take such great courses.

St. Paul was considered to be the greatest person to come out of the apostolic age.  He became an apostle as a young man.  He was close to the age of Jesus when he started his ministry.  St. Paul preached until his death, which was about 65 years old.

Paul was known as Saul the Jew, "Chief of Sinners" before he found Christianity.  Paul vigorously went after Christians and persecuted them.  On one of his trips, this one was to Damascus, he received a blinding light.  In this light Jesus appears to him and talks to him.  Paul is blinded.  He is led to Damascus where he is told what he should do.  Paul has his eye sight restored by Ananias, after being blind for three days.  At this time Paul is baptized.  Paul now leaves Damascus and goes to Arabia. Paul stays there until he comes back to Damascus fully committed to being a Christian with a vital mission.
Paul becomes known as "Chief of Saints".   In Acts 9:15-16 It explains the ministry of Paul as a chosen vessel unto God.

Paul spread the word of God with some ease because of his language skills and the ease of getting from city to city because of the roman roads.  Also the Romans granted people a freedom of liberty on matters regarding religion.

Paul went on three journeys (missions), lasting years at a time.  People listened to Apostle Paul because the church was only two to three years old and there was some curiosity about this religion.  But Paul didn't always have an easy time of it.  While there were those who listened and joined the church, there was always someone else out to stop him.

This course talks about each of his journeys (missions) and specific people who were involved in Paul's life.  It covers the suffering he went through.  Paul was stoned (he survived), beaten, and jailed.
No matter where Paul was, he always found a way to present his main message:  "Christ is the son of God".
The last five lessons were on worship.  They covered sin, receiving grace, spiritual gifts and on Jesus and the Holy Trinity.  I definitely recommend this class.
Peace and love be with you,
Rev. Nancy Rutledge


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