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Friday, September 03, 2010

Spirit Quest

Final Essay
Spirit-Quest written by Rev. Amy Long
Essay by Mary McGar

This course was fascinating. The aspect I liked most about this course was the continued use of personal examples. They triggered thoughts of my own related experiences that, most likely, I would not have recognized as easily without them. I also felt a deep one-on-one relationship with Rev. Long during this course, rather than just studying impersonal material.

The tools I found of most relevance to me were creating and destroying roses and bringing in golden suns. I have been going through trying health and financial difficulties lately and they brought on much stress. Most of the financial stress was not of my making and I was helpless to correct it through my own efforts. I found the reminders to ground myself useful because that is something I sometimes forget. Creating a rose and stuffing it with a specific problem was very effective for me. The constant reminder to then bring in an immense golden sun was so very calming. While nothing has, of yet, truly improved with either my health or finances I find that I can deal with the pain and the concern much better and I am more at peace from applying those tools.

Since I found those tools so useful to me I decided to try them on my friends who come to me for Reiki treatments. I took a few minutes to guide each client through an induction with the intent of not only relaxing her/him before the treatment but to help her/him with her/his current problems in another way. Before starting our session I would ask, if I didn't already know, what issues were of most concern to her/him. Then during the induction, after advising each to ground himself/herself, I would ask each one to imagine the rose as specifically as I was taught to do in this course and use it for both protection and as a tool to destroy his/her problems. Then I instructed each one to bring in a large golden sun and let its warmth, energy and healing power engulf her/him. Without exception, everyone benefited from this exercise. Each person was able to immediately feel better destroying whatever was bothering her/him and felt comforted by the energy of the sun. It is far easier to see improvement in someone else than it is in oneself; at least it is for me. Each client was able to derive more benefit from the Reiki treatment and experience more during it than previously. Each client improved more dramatically than during previous treatments. So, as a result I will continue to use these tools before all my Reiki treatments.

Thank you, Reverend Long, for an enlightening and marvelous learning experience.

Mary McGar


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