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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Universal Life Church

Does A Spiritual Person?
Rev. Ronald L. Koch

Does a spiritual person curse and swear?  I say NO!
Does a spiritual person kill? I say NO!
Does a spiritual person ridicule and belittle another person? I say NO!
Does a spiritual person commit adultery? I say NO!
Does a spiritual person laugh at another person who is injured? I say NO!
Does a spiritual person bear false witness? I say NO!
Does a spiritual person destroy the building of another? I say no for a building is not only an edifice but also a life of love, hope and joy.

Do spiritual people really do all the things in their life that represents love, joy and happiness, or are they just pretending to do so?  We are human beings who have been taught from birth that “life is the pits” and we are caught up in it.  We need to understand that being spiritual is more than just not doing certain things, but doing what is right in the eyes of our God.  We know that there are millions of people in this world who are lost in the jungles of life and need to be rescued from it.  We as spiritual people need to understand what we mean by being spiritual in order to help others.  Life has more good in it than bad and we need to emphasize the good always.
I could go on for many pages asking you about the negative things people do in this world and if a spiritual person does those things and the answer would always be no.  However, if I ask you if a spiritual person reads his/her Bible, or Koran or other spiritual scriptures that pertain to the spiritual, the answer should be yes.  If I ask if a spiritual person goes to church, Sunday school, Temple, or synagogue, you would say yes.  Those are good things for a person to do, but if they do not practice the teachings and principles of their church, etc. would the answer still be yes?  Maybe yes, maybe no…
We walk through this life with all the teachings of the masters to call on, and yet, we don’t pay them any real attention.  We believe that the teachings are for those who live with them in the past and not for today.  The question is why?  Why do we disregard the teachings of the masters?  Did they say or do things so different than we do today, I say no.
The teachings of the masters were for us, people of all ages, sex and life situations. They studied life and made determinations that were good and uplifting for those who received their teachings.  We need to read the teachings of Plato, Socrates, Buddha and Christ.  We need to pay attention

to the meaning behind their words.  We far too often take things out of context and that is when we get into trouble.
The great philosophers of old had more knowledge of life than all the physiologists who have ever lived.  Those masters knew what life was really all about and tried to give their knowledge to others, even us today.  Can we learn from them?  Yes we can.  We can learn from the best and teach our new spiritual knowledge to our children today.  Maybe then people would have a little love and understanding one for the other.  I hope so….


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