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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Chaplaincy Studies

Rev. Ronald Wilson


I subscribed to this course because of my interest in general ministry as opposed to
church or congregational ministry. I have, and still serve as Chaplain of two large military veterans associations. In many organizations or associations, the appointment of chaplain is ceremonious without the appointee actually being ordained. Ordination is not required by the associations I serve, however, decidedly important inasmuch the military depends enormously on guidance from chaplains. It is much more meaningful when the chaplain is a true man of God to provide guidance in contrast to an "appointee."

Having the desire to administer to all denominations, whether at an accident scene, in the home, hospital, meetings, weddings, at funerals or memorial services or wherever there is requirement is relevant to my calling. Serving as a Chaplain is deeply satisfying to me.

In the past I have read articles and sought advice in reference to actual chaplain duties and requirements. Although helpful, I was not satisfied. Information on the internet was sketchy and denominational motivated. I was extremely grateful when ULC offered this course. There is so much to write about concerning the information and new skills I have gained from this course that it is difficult for me to pinpoint in this essay. The small hints portrayed in lesson 19, skills and abilities in lesson 3, history in lesson 5, listening in lesson 9, grief counseling, on and on I could go.

In my opinion, the course was thorough enough for college credits. I, personally, do not have any suggestions to improve this course since I have learned so much I do not yet feel qualified to comment. I have already put to use much of what I have learned and assume eventually over time I will have had the opportunity to utilize most all of what I learned. I printed out all lessons and frequently refer to them. There is no doubt that my professional status as a Chaplain has been tremendously enhanced through the lessons of your course.

Thank You and God Bless

Reverend Ronald C Wilson


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