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Monday, February 22, 2010

Master of Religion

Master of Religion Course Final Essay
Rev. Derek Kemp

I appreciated this course very much and found it most interesting and varied in the number of subjects included, all of which are necessary for a Christian Minister of whatever persuasion. There are many points that a keen student can learn from a close study of the lessons.

The content was of much value particularly in the lesson on women in the ministry of the Church because they should be fully included  in that vocation as they have much to offer in service to the Christian Church and can bring a different and distinct outlook to any denomination.  To deny them the right to serve in a full capacity is to lose much authority and opportunity.

The lessons on church history followed by the contribution by Bishop Pat was very appropriate as St Paul was, with St Peter, the foremost leader of the early church, spreading the good news around the Mediterranean coasts to the centre of Rome. His epistles show his caring love for the new Christians even though they were falling aside from the truth.  It was helpful too, in the early lessons to have a good summary of bible basics for both the Old and New Testaments, and the subject of Bible Study, with the emphasis on having a good guide when doing so, was necessary to ensure that one was getting the true meaning of God's word.

It was also good to have some firm views on subjects like Marriage, Family, Divorce and also some comment on some of the social evils of our time with guidance on Counseling. This is a very tricky subject for the inexperienced and needs more in-depth study for those undertaking this hard but very valuable contribution to our society.

Overall. I found that I enjoyed working through the course and can honestly say that I looked forward to each lesson, and found valuable help and guidance throughout.

Rev. Derek Kemp


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