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Friday, December 11, 2009

Metaphysical Healing

Final Essay
Master of Metaphysical Healing

This course is informative and interesting on several different levels.  On a superficial level, it describes the practices of traditional African healers, with a particular focus on South African practices.  While this is interesting and educational in and of itself, it is only the first level of understanding.  A much deeper understanding comes with the realization that the healing practices being described are universal in their cope and impact.  The healing practices described are common to many different healing traditions, including shamanic practices found in native cultures around the world, and are not limited to those cultures described by the author.  Thus, this course has a much broader reach and applicability than would be evident to the casual reader.

I found the recognition of the importance of the human energy field to be especially significant.  As a Reiki Master Teacher, I deal with human energy fields in both clinical and classroom settings.  I understand and accept the importance of achieving and maintaining balance in the energy field – my own as well as others.  My own experience validates the importance of the human energy field in healing illness and sustaining a healthy life.  Many of the lessons were familiar to me, but several of the lessons introduced concepts I was not familiar with, as well as new approaches that I have adopted and adapted in my own healing practice.

Perhaps the most important lesson for me was the final lesson which discussed the recognition and regulation of traditional healing practices in South Africa.  We are a long way from that step in America and much of the world, but I believe we are moving in that direction.  This is much more than a human interest or technical issue in America, but is bound up in the interplay of cultural and political forces in our society.  There is no simple answer, and it is likely that any solution will bring with it another set of problems dealing with what should be considered legitimate healing practice.  My answer is that all healing practices must be based on faith and belief in its efficacy, and none should be rejected simply because they are not broadly accepted.

Rev. Robert Gill


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