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Friday, November 13, 2009

Four Gospels

Four Gospels Final Essay:
                                        This particular study has helped to open further my eyes as to the actual history of the Bible and perhaps the early world. This study has a lot of references of early times which elude to the life of Christ both as a Man and a Religious Figure for those that choose that particular path.
 This study also has many references to modern day events such as Courts proceedings, Organizations Foundational building etc. as many of these seem to use Bible material or similar to maintain their respective orders. This has caused a bit of friction among the Minions of the World as sometimes there may be a "if you don't believe as I believe" mentality going on however it is an important building block none the less.
 I suggest that the Four Gospels of which Five were actually mentioned and historical events put into place to begin to explain modern world, is a really nice way for someone to be able to understand both Old and New World History and also to be able to make sense of ones own exsistence.
 This was and shall be a wonderful study for myself and I would Highly recommend it to others weather in the Seminary Degree program or not as it gives Great references to read.
 Many different styles of writing have been used here as well from poetic to straight talk to very old world. These styles have lead us upon a path of many different genres as well. As stated before a lot of history has been discussed in these books and they are not all completely merely fictional religious books as some folks believe the Bible to be a great work of fiction, there are factual references to the world as we know it from a Geographical standpoint at the least within the pages of these works.
 There is also some references to works such as belief that what you see is what you get type of stories as well as many different works of interest to many folks out there. 
 I suggest that one should just pick up a Bible and read as well as get the study guide of The Unvarnished Gospels then they themselves see or experience rather a neat chapter of our lives.
 Thanks for reading this final Essay and I look forward to the Degree Card as well as the other courses I'm taking.
 As Ever I bid you all to Please Take Care and Be Well,
                                                                                                  Pastor Leo Merchant


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