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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Course in Miracles

 A Course in Miracles
At this moment…

At this moment, life is happening.  At this moment, not the past, not the future but at this very moment.  When we stay in the moment all other focuses fade away, we stay in-focus at the same time we are out-of-focus.  At this moment, your moment is different than mine but we all are on the same field working with no Ego, no fear, no anger, no pain and no petty issues.  At this moment is when Magic happens.  For when we are in the moment everything falls into place as actions and questions become clear and obstacles are removed.  These difficulties are created and controlled by the Ego. The Ego cannot be part of the moment for in the moment is God.  Once we leave the moment we fall prey to the Ego and all the fallible that it entails. 

Prejudices, wars and power are all part of the Ego.  If we are to become one with God we have to practice the focus of the moment.  Each moment, is just a simple touch of the infinite and as the ticking of time goes by we must learn to lengthen the moment creating an eventual eternity of one single moment.   Then and only then, do we really become one with God.

God is the creator of the moment.  The moment is his son Jesus.  To get to God you must go through Jesus.  By focusing on the moment you now focus on Jesus and allow yourself access to God.  Each moment extended gets you closer to being one with God. 
Darkness of thoughts lead to the Ego controlling the person which then leads to creating power and wars issues that ultimately can destroy our world.  The Ego is a way-ward thought of the past or future and takes you away from God.  By focusing on other things the Ego is allowed to grow and take over causing the person physically, mentally & spiritually to become stressed leading to an unhealthy, diseased and dying person.  When we are in the moment we retain health, vitality and access eternal youth. 

But what is the Ego?  The Ego is that which takes you out of the moment, it pulls, tugs, and twinges it way in.  Thoughts of what if, why that, why me, if only, are just a small sample of what the Ego likes to play with.  As long as you entertain these thoughts the Ego grows and darkens.  Ego cannot survive in the light of the moment. 

As we go about our daily lives we need to be vigilant to what & where our thoughts flow.  This requires practice and loving patients with ourselves along with forgiveness of the unintended wander be aware and bring yourself back to the moment.  Do not let the Ego take over.  We must intentionally go forth with determination and create a moment.  

At this moment we make a better world.  At this moment we smile because we are that much closer to God.    

Rev. Savrina Griego


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