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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wicca Studies

Introduction to Wicca Basic Training
By Julie Lehmkuhl

First off, let me say a huge 'THANK YOU".  This course was perfect for me as a stepping stone to discovering what Wicca is all about without any nonsense. I am really trying to get a basic understanding of what it is and why Christians are so opposed to it. It is truly a blessing to me to have it explained in such an easy to understand format. I have long had this uneasiness in me that the church I grew up with was lacking. Now I see where it took many of its ideas and transformed them into laws.

It has also been fascinating to understand the whys behind these old traditions. Seeing the Wiccan holidays as they were originally and seeing how modern Christianity has absorbed and transformed them has given me a much better perspective of them. I want to study them more.

Wicca is the old religion. Wicca has answered so many of my misgivings of late. It is a true earth religion and it's ok to practice alone. I don't have to seek permission of anyone to worship God in any way. I feel so much closer to the spirit I was born with in this religion.

This course has reinforced the belief that the earth is a sacred place in itself and by using its gifts we can make a positive impact on its future. The cleansing spells and rituals are designed to bring us back to that knowledge. The 'magic' taught is really the basis of modern medicine. By using the things found in nature chemical free to heal and cleanse our bodies, we are better, stronger people. 

The mental cleansing is vital to allowing the physical cleansing to happen.  Modern medicine has long been saying you can heal your body with your thoughts in many ways. 'A positive attitude goes a long way toward speedy recovery.' Isn't that what the spells help us achieve?

I am using the information I have learned through this course as a spring board to a deeper understanding of life itself.

Thank you again.

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