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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Master of Buddhism
Majick W. RavenHawk

This particular class is written quite well.  I have been a practicing Zen student for over 30 years and I am glad to see all the different nuances within Buddhism covered. It is not only learning about the philosophy/religion that is important , yes we are better human beings by learning the differences of each culture and religion.  What I find is that it is better to live the experience. By finding what resonated with your inner being and following your heart allowing your true essence to find its purpose while here on this planet at this time.

The understanding that we are all Buddha and Buddha in nature we can come to grasp that we are all interconnected in the essence of consciousness.  There is truly no "us and them", there is only the oneness.   It struck me as incomprehensible when I witnessed a man on the news ranting about how he did not think it was his place to help those who were in need during this recession and had lost their homes.  He stated that it was their own fault for making bad judgment calls on investments and having little savings.  He felt that if they had to live on the streets so be it as long as he took care of himself.  The ranting was loud and full of rage.  I wondered if somewhere down the line he might not suffer the fate of those he refused to help and how he would feel if others turned their backs on him.  Whether or not people understood what they were getting into during the time of greed and attachment one good thing has come from it.  It has shown how painful it is to have such great attachment to the material so much so that one loses their own identity and becomes the "things".  It has also produced many who understand and have reached out in compassion to help those struggling during these times.

As the Buddha taught that attachment only brings suffering is so true.  Without the attachment there is no suffering because the "want" no longer drives us and the "things" not longer define who we are.  We are part of the collective consciousness or unconsciousness. The choice is ours.  Should we decide to suffer or reach a point of non-suffering, it is ultimately up to us and what resonates with our very being.  Should we awaken or slumber in our suffering.


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