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This blog is a collection of essays and lesson comments from several of the Universal Life Church courses on Metaphysics. We have a Spirit Quest Course and one on A Course In Miracles.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest – New Tools For My Journey

            I found this course to be very useful.  It took me to a new level in my spiritual journey.  I was exposed to different views on spirituality that did challenge and stretch me – all for the better.
            Centering was found to be very useful in my prayer and meditation skills.  I took a different center than the course.  Rather than center in the earth, I chose to center in Christ per John 15:4-5.  As I would center, I would focus on armor (Ephesians 6) rather than creating (and then destroying) roses.  Negatives were imagined as fiery arrows being quenched by the spirit.  Creating and destroying skills in the mind helped me in building up the spiritual muscle – submitting to the Spirit's power to create and destroy – not for evil but for good.

            Running my energy was very useful.  It has helped me clear out a lot of clutter in my mind when praying and in meditation [now if I can keep the clutter off my desk, I will have another victory].

            Creating your own reality was similar a skill I have developed along the way.  I call it visioning.  It is something we do as children in an unorganized or creative way.  With this course, I have gained every more skills in developing and improving this. 

            Healing is an area that I need to work on.  Forgiveness (one of the early lessons) is life-long learning skill.  Coupled with that, a positive, winning attitude goes a long way in the healing process.  Affirmations are also useful in healing and maintaining spiritual health for me.  The right word at the right time is a powerful tool.  The power of the word is often underestimated but in the spiritual realm – it can heal, turn situations around and bless. 
            Asking the right question is a skill we all need to develop.  "Why me?" is one of the most self-defeating questions a person can ask.  It is one of the walls a counselor needs to help the counselee to knock down.  It is teaching the person to let go the lies and grasp the truth.  The exercise in this lesson is powerful.  It teaches the strength of the truth over the lie.
            As I complete this course, I have seen a positive trend in my ministry.  I have not implemented any new programs.  I have simply meditated, created the reality, and focused on healing affirmations.  I kept myself grounded deeply.  Within the past six weeks, I have witnessed increased financing of the ministry, added several families to our congregation, baptized several more, and have more awaiting counsel. 


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